PSA have partnered with Knightwood insurance services, who offer competitive rates to help us to provide a full package when purchasing or contracting your new vehicle. Whether your covered or not we provide the complete service to save time and speed up the delivery of your new vehicle.

Tyre Insurance

As tyres are one of the most vulnerable parts of a car, it can be very important on some cars to get tyre insurance. With the increasing trend in run flat tyres it is important to have a solution in place to prevent any long lasting damage to be caused, which could result in a costly bill. Tyre insurance gives peace of mind to motorists if in the event of a tyre related issue, there is an insurance policy to assist them.

Alloy Insurance

Alloy wheels are liable to accidental damage especially when parking next to a kerb. Scuffs on your alloys can decrease the value of your car, but also have an impact on the balance of your wheels and tyres. Alloy wheel insurance is available to ensure top quality maintenance on the appearance of your alloys when damage occurs.

GAP Insurance

Gap insurance covers a number of different risks and is tailored to cater for each individual motorist and their personal needs. There is the choice of 'Finance & Contract Hire Gap Insurance', 'Return To Invoice Gap Insurance', 'Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance' and finally the 'Agreed Value Gap Insurance'.

Excess Protection Insurance

Paying the excess is often costly, so to help ease the pain it could be worth taking out something called 'excess insurance'. In a nutshell, this is an extra level of insurance protection which will cover the cost of your excess if you make a claim.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess applicable under your motor insurance policy for which you are responsible following the successful settlement of a claim.